The Song Of Seare Trilogy

  • Oath of the Brotherhood

    Book 1
    May 2014

  • Beneath The Forsaken City

    Book 2
    February 2015

  • The Sword and the Song

    Book 3
    September 2015

Carla Laureano

About the Author

C.E. Laureano’s love of fantasy began with a trip through a magical wardrobe, and she has never looked back. She’s happiest when her day involves martial arts, swords, and a well-choreographed fight scene, though when pressed, she’ll admit to a love of theater and travel as well. Appropriately, she’s wife to a martial arts master and mom to two boys who spend most of their time jumping off things and finding objects to turn into lightsabers. They live in Denver, Colorado with a menagerie of small pets.

Contact her at or through any of her social media accounts below.

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